Enter the Function mode. Developing Unit Section Remove the Rear Cover. Auxiliary Reflector When a book or other bound original is copied, the paper in the area near the binding generally fails to come flush against the glass, so that the copy of these areas is gener- ally too dark. Remove one flexible harness and unplug one connector from the Master Board.

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Snap off one C-ring and remove the gear. Used Batteries Precautions Remove the Right Roller. T Blank streaks or bands Utility Mode Setting Procedure Description mm Code No.

Using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, wipe the mirrors clean of dirt. Unplug one connector and remove the harness from one wiring xevelop.

Develop D 1531iD Service Manual

Measure the length of the scale on the copy. Printer Develop ineo User Manual Gdi-driver 78 pages. Maintenance Counter Count c Using a brush, whisk dust and dirt 1531d the surface of the Developer Scattering Prevention Plate.


First identify the location where the paper is present and start the procedure for that particular location. Remove three screws and the Developer Scatter- ing Prevention Plate. Settings in the Utility Mode Code No.

Grid bias contact is dirty, folded, or bent. Enter the Function mode.


It is not possible to change or reset the sensor output data. Any LED that is not blinking is considered to be out. Setting Range 5 leading edge Tech. Press the Start key to alternately display the current administrator number. Check voltage across a Master Board copier: Remove the control panel. Image Processing Process 1. S-4 Drum Dehumidify Mode Display: Unplug three connectors from the High Voltage Unit and remove the harness from one wiring saddle.

Setting Range 67 to1 step: Hold down the Panel Reset key for 3 seconds. Multiple count-up according to the paper size and copying mode.

Develop D iD Laser Toner cartridge, Ink, cartridge, inkjet cartridges

Image Processing Process Page 34 – Paper Empty Sensor PC35 7. Remove two screws and the Main Board Assy.


Page – C Black streaks or bands 6. Loosen three screws and move the Scanner Motor Assy to the right or left to give tension to the spring. Enables Auto Tray C28 to 33 Switching. Cleaning of the Paper Dust Remover 1.