For the little I have played with it, things are fairly easy to figure out. At the FM site there is the detailed install instructions that I followed; as well as further enhancements for using SB Live! Then you could install sb drivers from cd to dos and again make the bat to automatically load sound drivers on boot. P I honestly am giving up, cause I can’t stand the pain from laughing anymore.. The example of settings ag50 Win9x DOS box.

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In this case, the quality of YMF card’s codec and analog rail will be not important. Newer drivers of other cards might to have better later games support.

Been digging around some more. Besides, like I said before, older PC parts and rigs are rare and hard to come by in my area. My current 98se rig was originally supposed to be a double-duty machine. In this case an external amplifier is required. I should try with a different set of drivers. Or do I leave the OPL rate at ?

Tertz OK, thanks for the advice. You’ll receive such picture: FM includes several nice options: Those things don’t even need drivers installed In dos to run. There is drivers arround the net also for this this chip.


Especially In My opinion Soundblaster cards. Where the SoundBlaster Live! He told me this: Well I’m not labay the market for an entire PC now. Hang-up of a computer is possible during sound playback. By the time I get the configuration utility happening, switching to hardware playback will be a matter of a configuration flag, and eventually you won’t need all these DLLs with a hardcoded bank. I’ve already posted my mobo twice in this thread.

Also beware, that some cards have no SB-Link connector. Like all sound pabway, the digitized sound is fine, albeit a little bit muffled compared to other sound cards.

LABWAY YAMAHA PC SOUND CARD AG50 – New and Used Discounted Computer Parts

I had found a thread: Besides, I find the music was really sporadic and at times felt like it didn’t fit in very well. I mean, strangely enough the sound effects are damn near perfect in Prince of Persia 1, just no music also no labeay configuration screen. Mar 26, I am having a lot of ag50 finding a driver that will make a Yamaha sound card work in.

Try buy sound blaster 16 for pci form ebay or old hardware market.


Labway A301-G50 / YMF724 Free Driver Download

Experts Exchange gives ag50 answers from people who av50 know ag50 lot about one thing, in a easy to use platform. That’s pretty redundant considering Windows 98 already has DOS support.

You can very easily have 2 sound cards installed at the same time. It asked to reboot again.


I’ve never had a problem with P4s. Some non-Intel chipsets have IRQ routing patches. WinNT4 drivers are ver1xxx-ver7xxx, where version is written by 2 last digits so ver is newer than ver As far as the X, no idea about them, other than I don’t think Windows 98 drivers are going to be easy to come by.

Then download from codec’s vendor site the software for managing the additional output. If one doesn’t exist, well it isn’t the end of the world now is it?