An Overview 72 It recognizes the paper size by the paper length which is calculated by the Paper Take-up Sensor PS1 activation timing. Use utmost care when handling tools on the user’s premises. If it is absolutely necessary to run the printer with its covers removed, use care not to allow your clothing to be caught in revolving parts such as the gears, rollers and motor. Mode 3 The temperature is controlled to maintain xC during standby and xC during printing. Replace the Drum Car- tridge.

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Engine Communication Error 76 Removal of the Power Unit PU1 64 The product also contains parts that can jerk suddenly and cause injure. Main Motor Malfunction 1.

OFF S37 40 The printer is initialized upon power supply. Paper Exit Sensor PS3 3.

Installation Environment When installing the printer, please avoid the types of locations listed below, both for safety considerations and to avoid breakdowns. Replacing the Image Transfer Roller 51 Used to instruct the service engineer to do what is graphically represented inside the marking.


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Installing The Power Supply 1. Disassembly of the Fusing Unit 59 7.

Engine Error 79 An Overview – The toner image transferred onto the paper is securely fixed to the paper. How to reset a paper misfeed Close the Top cover after removing the misfed paper. Move the interlock switch S2 up and down and tighten the screw at the posi- tion where the switch turns on.

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Replace the Print Head Unit. Answered 2 days ago.

Adjustment of Interlock Switch Position 71 Chapter 6: Remove the Controller Board. Required Service Tools 46 Instruct the user to mionlta the paper properly. Removal of the Right Cover 52 Maintenance Schedule Prl 45 The following graphic symbols are used to give instructions that need to be observed.

After all the indicators blink, the printer enters the counter reset mode. Remove the Rear Cover. Precautions for Disassembly Observe the following precautions whenever servicing the printer. Open the top cover and remove the left cover, right cover and front cover.


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Modifying this product in a manner not authorized by the manufacturer may result in a fire or electric shock. Skip to main content. M2 Cooling Fan Motor Exhaust the heat in the body M3 Polygon Motor Inside of the Print Head Unit A regular heptagon polygon mirror is installed, and rotates at high speed and makes the laser scan in scanning direction.

Be sure to unplug the power cord before servicing this part or the parts near it.

D P Replace PS3. The use of folded paper or some other object may damage the interlock switch mechanism, possibly resulting in an electric shock, injury or blindness. Second Paper Cassette Unit 9. After completing a service job, perform a safety check. Replace the Second Paper Take-up Roller 66